Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Career Positions with Grassroots Campaigns

"The struggle for peace and social justice never ends, and one has to make a greater vow not to be discouraged from the activist path. . ."

The progressive movement has seen some major advances in the past few years, from the EPA implementing better carbon emission standards to more and more states finally allowing full marriage equality to the LGBT community. Despite our best efforts the country remains divided on so many issues, and those divisions prevent some of the greatest problems from being solved. Issues like gay rights, protecting the last wild places on earth, and ending global hunger & poverty. Over the next year and the next election cycle, Grassroots’ activists will reach millions of people all across the country with solutions, and call those people to action inspiring millions to act, giving donations, time and energy to organizations who have the best ideas on how to make the world a better place.

There will always be easier paths to take, but no path will be more rewarding than the one fighting for these issues.

Grassroots Campaigns is currently hiring Assistant Canvass Directors to run field campaigns on behalf of issue-based organizations like the Sierra Club, the ACLU and Save the Children.

Grassroots Campaigns is looking to interview top students to join our teams as Assistant Canvass Directors!  There is no better time get involved and shape the next generation of activists that will take this country in a more progressive direction and see change on issues that matter now.
Jennifer will be on campus from February 11 to February 13 meeting with interested candidates and holding interviews. Students who are interested should contact Jennifer directly:
Jennifer will also be at the Career Fair on February 12!

Job Responsibilities:
·     Recruitment:  Build a team of 15-50 canvassers by recruiting from within the local community.  Interview prospective staff and make hiring decisions.
·     Staff Management:  Teach canvassing/fundraising skills.  Work with your staff in individual and group settings, with a particular eye towards developing leaders.  Cultivate a welcoming and motivating atmosphere.
·     Canvassing:  Canvass in the field for four days per week, to train new and experienced staff in the field and meet personal fundraising requirements.
·     Administration:  Carefully track income and expenses.  Manage the budget for your office.  Process staff payroll.  Maintain records for future organizing efforts.

Strong communication and motivational skills, work ethic, and desire for political change are essential.  Candidates must be able to work within a team, have proven leadership ability and experience handling a lot of responsibility. Strong self-direction and the ability to take initiative are also necessary qualifications. Previous field or canvassing experience is a plus, and may qualify candidates for additional leadership positions.

Newly hired directors will typically spend three weeks doing field training, working intensely alongside experienced directors and will also attend week-long national classroom training.  Additionally, directors receive support from regional management staff throughout their time on staff.  After one year in the position, staff will have learned the basics of running a successful grassroots campaign, including, but not limited to, fundraising and donor recruitment, hiring and supervising staff and/or volunteers, and turf management.

Initial commitment of working through August 2015.  Campaign hours can run 60-80 hours per week, including work on weekends. 

Annual salary for Assistant Canvass Directors begins at $24,000.   Staff may opt into our health care plan (PPO).  Paid training, vacation and sick days are included; student loan assistance is available. 

Timing and Location:
Positions are available beginning post-graduation, in cities nationwide (MA, NY, PA, IL, NM, MO, NC, LA, CO, CA, WA, OR, TX, FL and Washington, D.C.).  Ask Jennifer for details

For more information:
Contact Jennifer at 818-519-5196 or jaaronson@grassrootscampaigns.com.

We are also hiring undergraduates to work on our campaigns as Field Managers. These jobs are a great way to get involved on the campaign and have a huge impact before you graduate. We hire students to work part time during the school year, and we will be considering applicants who want to work on campaigns next summer as well. Go to www.grassrootscampaigns.com/general-app to apply!

Please visit our website, www.grassrootscampaigns.com, for more information about current and past campaigns.

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