Thursday, October 27, 2016

Publish Your Paper with Eleven!

Eleven: The Undergraduate Journal of Sociology, a University of California, Berkeley based publication, is currently accepting papers for its seventh volume. We accept submissions by students from universities around the world and from departments in the social sciences. In the past we have published honors theses and seminar papers by students in Sociology, Ethnic Studies, Public Policy, and History.

Publishing with an academic journal comes with many rewards. We offer students the opportunity to share their research with a larger sociological community. Publishing your scholarly work also impresses graduate schools seeking applicants with a demonstrated commitment to outstanding research. Finally, our rigorous editing process perfects papers that ultimately make for excellent graduate school writing samples.

If you completed an excellent paper or honors thesis in the last three years, we strongly encourage you to fill out a submission form (attached). Empirical papers must have a well-developed methodology and contain original research. For this volume, we are also accepting critical papers in sociology and related disciplines. Such papers must be highly original and analyze a particular issue in a discipline—be it methodological, reflexive, or empirical. Please expand or limit your submission to 10-50 double spaced pages, and send your packaged materials to This page limit is strict and all-inclusive. The deadline to submit is Wednesday, November 6th, 2016 at 11:59PM PST. Please find the submission form attached. Questions? Please contact Eleven at or visit our website at

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