Thursday, December 8, 2011

LIFT Information Session!

My name is Matt Devlin and I work with LIFT, an organization that draws upon the skills, passions, and commitment of college students to fighting poverty in DC.

I’d like to know if you can let your students know that LIFT will be on Maryland’s campus tomorrow night, December 8th, at 7PM in ASY3219, for an information session. We will cover what we do, how students can be involved, campus-wide initiatives, and how each student can apply.

At LIFT, clients and volunteers (called Student Advocates) work one-on-one to find jobs, secure safe and stable housing, apply for public benefits that make ends meet, and obtain referrals for services like childcare and healthcare.

This semester, we have 12 Maryland students working hard in our 3 offices in DC, and they will all be out to meet and talk with interested students tomorrow night about how they can start making a difference in their community!

Thank you.


Matthew Devlin
Site Coordinator/AmeriCorps*National Direct

1901 Mississippi Ave SE/Suite 205
Washington, DC 20020
T: (202) 450-2787
F: (202) 525-1482

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