Monday, April 23, 2012

Internships and Job Opportunities

Residential Rehabilitation Facilitator, Entry Level (Full-Time), Permanent Experienced Hire, 60329
Way Station, Inc, Columbia, Maryland                   
This is a direct service position offered by Way Station, Inc., requiring general knowledge of mental health and specific knowledge and skill in rehabilitation with persons with disabilities. The position requires general and specific knowledge about the club concept, its design, goals and effective operation. Full training is provided to entry-level candidates. This individual is expected, through training and experience, to exercise independent judgment with supervision by the Club Coordinator.

 Possession of a bachelor's degree (preferred) in related field or professional license (e.g. COTA, RN).
                Positively referenced relevant work, student or volunteer experience.
                Valid driver's license and safe driving record.
                Willingness to use personal vehicle or WSI vehicle in the occasional transport of Way Station members. Must provide a copy of a valid certificate of automobile insurance.

Teaching Jobs PK-12 Private/Independent Schools, Entry-level, Full-time (60278) Southern Teachers Agency, Various locations Teaching is a challenge. A great teacher inspires, encourages, and motivates students to achieve beyond all expectations—in the classroom, and beyond. But not all schools give young teachers a real chance of succeeding in this challenge. The greatest chance for success is in schools with small classes of college-bound students, supportive colleagues and administrators, and the academic freedom of a curriculum not hyper-focused on standardized testing.

Southern Teachers Agency can help you find a job in one of these schools. Since 1902, STA teachers find positions in private and independent schools around the South. If you want to make a difference in the life of a child, visit our website or give Southern Teachers a call.


You must have a bachelor’s degree to teach in a private school, but certification is not always necessary
•             Elementary Education and Learning Specialist: teacher certification required
•             Art, Physical Education, and Music: teacher certification strongly preferred
•             Media Specialist/Library: MLS (or comparable degree) required
•             School Counselor: master’s degree in counselor education
•             Administration: master’s degree in administration strongly preferred
•             For most other middle- and high-school teaching positions, a bachelor’s degree with a major in the teaching field (or at least a minor) is essential, but teacher certification is not.
More generally, the best schools want three things: content mastery, enthusiasm for leading extracurricular and athletic programs, and a personality that inspires children to learn.

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