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2017 Summer Research Opportunity for Underrepresented Students

2017 i3 Summer Research Program for Underrepresented Students
Hosted at the University of Pittsburgh | Open to Students of All Majors
Application Deadline: February 17, 2017
What is i3?
The iSchool Inclusion Institute (i3) is an undergraduate research and leadership development program that prepares students from underrepresented populations for graduate study and careers in the information sciences. Only 25 students from across the country are selected each year to become i3 Scholars. Those students undertake a yearlong experience that includes two summer institutes hosted by the University of Pittsburgh School of Information Sciences and a research project spanning the year.

Introductory Institute: June 11-July 7, 2017

Held on the main campus of the University of Pittsburgh
  • Participate in special-topic workshops that highlight the many specialties and research areas in the information sciences
  • Take part in professional development seminars led by industry and research experts that focus on graduate school applications, mentoring, résumé building, and networking
  • Complete two-week modules on research design and programming (beginner and advanced sessions) taught by PhD teaching fellows from top-tier iSchools
  • Form research teams and work with advisors to design a yearlong research project
Team Research Project
i3 Scholars return home and work with team members remotely to complete a yearlong project
  • Each team is supported by a research advisor
  • Students gain experience with project management tools and collaborative technology
  • Interdisciplinary project topics blend social and technical aspects
Concluding Institute: Summer 2018, Two Weeks
i3 Scholars return to the main campus of the University of Pittsburgh to complete the program
  • Develop a research poster and copresent your team’s project
  • Learn about submitting your project to the iConference and other leading research conferences
  • Network with the new cohort of i3 Scholars and join the i3 Alumni Association
Program Funding and Benefits
  • Receive full funding for program expenses, including transportation to and from Pittsburgh, campus housing, and meals
  • Earn a stipend while you complete the program: $1,200 for the Introductory Institute | $600 for the Concluding Institute
  • Prepare for the GRE with free training sessions

The iSchool Inclusion Institute (i3) is funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and is hosted by the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Information Sciences.
i3 Scholars explore the information sciences and graduate school opportunities while networking with professionals from across the country
What are the Information Sciences?
People. Information. Technology.
The information sciences focus on helping people to discover better information, design and use better technology, and make better decisions to solve problems. Whether those problems are in business, medicine, education, the arts, or any number of other fields, information professionals are able to grapple with the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.
i3 welcomes students from all majors and academic disciplines. The information sciences are incredibly diverse and interdisciplinary. With so many different specializations, students can find a program that meets their interests.

Research Project Publications
i3 Scholars work remotely to complete their yearlong research projects under the guidance of an advisor. Once they complete the program, i3 Scholars are encouraged to submit their projects for publication at academic conferences. Over 20 i3 projects have been published at conferences such as iConference, CSCW, and IEEE SeGAH (a sample of past projects is listed below). i3 Scholars receive travel funding to present their work at conferences. 
  • Information Occupation: Using Information Science to Explore the Occupy Wall Street Social Movement
  • #ReproHealth: A State-Based Investigation of Reproductive Health Rights Policy and Social Media Activity
  • To Give or Not to Give: How Does Emotion Evoked from Crowdfunding Videos Influence Donations
  • The Customer Is Always Right: Analyzing Existing Market Feedback to Improve TVs
  • iGo Green: A Life Cycle Assessment of Apple's iPhone
  • Entering the Boys' Club: An Analysis of Female Representation in Video Game Culture
  • Social Network Identity: Facebook, Twitter, and Identity Negotiation Theory
  • Tweet for Democracy: Examining the Monitorial Citizen
  • "Our Experiences Are Not Unique": An Exploratory Study of Common Motivators and Inhibitors for Latinas in STEM Fields
  • Hacked: A Qualitative Analysis of Media Coverage of the Sony Breach
Who Should Apply?
  • Undergraduate students enrolled in, or have recently graduated from, an accredited college or university in the US
  • Students enrolled in any academic major
  • Students who have an interest in graduate school and research opportunities
  • Students who are open to exploring the information sciences and its many interdisciplinary fields
  • Individuals that are committed to diversity and increasing opportunities for underrepresented populations
  • U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents
How to Apply
  • Submit an online application with responses to three short essay questions
  • Two letters of recommendation must be submitted online by your references
  • Upload your undergraduate transcripts as part of your online application
Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Only 25 Scholar placements are available in the 2017 cohort. Early applications will receive priority consideration.

All application materials must be received by February 17, 2017.

Apply Now

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