Monday, February 6, 2017

EmployABILITY: Career Workshops for Students with Disabilities/Accommodations & their Allies

EmployAbility: The Focus Group 2.0  
Feb 8     4-5:30  Hornbake South 3100
WHAT DO YOU WANT?    Come tell us about your vision for a campus environment that prepares all students, including those with disabilities, for their chosen careers.  This is a moderated focus group designed to get your input into career services for students with disabilities.

Feb 14    4-5:30pm     Hornbake South 3135
Workshop on targeted hiring opportunities for students with disabilities. 
**Schedule A.  **Best public/private sector workplaces for people with disabilities

 Feb 21    4-5:30pm     Hornbake South 3134
Learn what resources are available online, on campus and in the community to assist students with disabilities with career preparation, job search, disclosure, accommodations, and problem-solving.

Feb 27     12-1:30            Hornbake South 3134

Learn what 'disclosure' really means, what employers want to know. Mastering disclosure turns disability into an asset.

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