Thursday, October 20, 2011

Funding Study Abroad

Education Abroad is working to ensure that finances do not prevent students from considering international opportunities. If you are planning to study abroad, there are a number of ways to fund your experience.

Financial Aid

Students on financial aid can apply some or all of their financial aid package towards their study abroad program. 


UM students can apply to a variety of scholarships typically based on financial need and academic merit. There are also a number of partial scholarships available to fund overseas experiences.
Visit the National Scholarships Office in Room 2403 Marie Mount Hall.  They can help you identify and apply for national scholarships to help fund study abroad.  
We encourage you to read our Finances FAQs section for further information about funding study abroad.

How Much Does It Cost to Study Abroad?

For semester and short term programs sponsored by Maryland's academic departments, students pay the published program fee (not UM tuition).  Each program website indicates what is included and not in the program fee.  The program fee is charged to UM students' accounts.  This is also the case for programs with institutional or organizational arrangements with Maryland. 
For most University of Maryland Exchange programs, students pay their regular UM tuition + a $250/ semester Exchange fee (effective January 2009).  Some Exchange programs do have a tuition waiver for accepted students, in which case they would only pay the $250/ semester Exchange Fee. Other expenses vary depending on the destination.
Students who choose to study through another institution recognized by UM but without any direct sponsorship or arrangement are responsible for paying the program fee published by the provider or host institution directly to them. This charge will appear directly on student accounts.

Federal, State & University Aid applicable
Program fee is charged to student account
PartnerFederal, State & University Aid applicable (state aid not available for ACC or Euro Scholars programs)Program fee is charged to student account.
For Exchange Programs, $250 Exchange fee.
Non-UMFederal & University Aid applicable; State Aid not applicableStudent pays program fee directly to provider.
$400 Study Abroad Fee charged to UM student account.

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