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INTERNSHIPS with the Department of Commerce!

ACT NOW TO APPLY:  Extended Deadline is November 5th, 2011
Desired Majors
Desired Skills
Year of Study
Business, Sociology, or Statistics (or any major which requires the study of Statistics).

Efficiency in Microsoft Office products, SAS, programming skills, Spanish language a plus.
Undergraduate or Graduate students in masters level programs (no doctoral students)
≥ 3.0
Washington DC at Census Bureau
Business, Communications, Graphic Design, Mathematics, Urban Planning, Computer Science, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Government, Law, Economics, Statistics, Accounting, Political Science, International Affairs, International Trade, Public Policy, and other related Business and Mathematics fields
Microsoft Office Products a plus
All classes Undergraduates and Graduates
≥ 3.0 preferred, some lower GPAs considered
Washington DC at DOC Headquarters
International Affairs, International Trade, Government, Law, or Business focused curriculum
An interest in international trade and affairs and/or business.  Public speaking and customer service skills preferred.
Graduate students preferred, will consider undergraduates
≥ 3.0 preferred, some lower GPAs considered
Washington DC at DOC Headquarters
Business or Business related fields
Exceptional writing skills.  Strong people skills. Attention to details.  Familiarity with entrepreneurship and innovation concepts, practices, and policies.
Rising Graduate students
≥ 3.0 preferred, some lower GPAs considered
Washington DC at DOC Headquarters
Interested students are asked to visit the web site for more information:
Send questions to: 
·         Eligibility:  U.S. citizenship, enrollment as a college student at any accredited college, and a minimum 3.0 GPA
·         Interns participate in on-site experiences with DOC bureaus and offices to integrate academic theory and workplace requirements, gain relevant skills and knowledge, explore Federal career options, develop professional networks, and gain a greater understanding of Federal agencies.
·         Interns receive a biweekly stipend, paid round-trip transportation between their schools/homes and their internship locations, and receive a housing allowance

·         What are the program requirements?  In order to apply, you must meet the following requirements (no exceptions):  1) US Citizenship 2) Enrollment in college courses
·         What is the deadline to apply?  The deadline for the Spring semester was 10/15/11.  The Extended deadline is 11/5/11:  If you act quickly, there is still time to apply!  While we accept applications on a continuing basis year round, applications received after the extended deadline will only be considered for the following semester (summer). 
·         Can I apply for a different semester?  A student wishing to apply for a specific semester should indicate which semester he/she is interested in on the application (at the top where it asks for preferred start date) and may send in the application at any time during the year before the semester deadline.
·         How can I apply?  Applications may be scanned and e-mailed, faxed, or sent postal mail per the directions on the application.  Fax or e-mail is preferred.  
·         Do I have to send all the pieces of my application together?  You may send your application in pieces as you complete them if you prefer.  However, please keep in mind that ultimately, it is your responsibility to ensure that all pieces reach us by the deadline.
·         Do I need to indicate which position I’m interested in?  No.  Your application materials will be reviewed and matched with any available internship positions.  Indicating only one position will lesson your chances of selection.
·         I sent in my application, but I have not heard anything. What do I do?   Over the course of a semester, we may receive hundreds of applications for this and other programs.  It is not our policy to notify each student when applications are received.
·         When will I know if I am selected?  Unfortunately, we do not have a set deadline that the DOC selects their interns.  It is normally an on-going process that continues until all spots are filled with qualified candidates.  Selections begin the week following the deadline, but may continue for an indefinite period.  Selected students are contacted as soon as they are chosen.  Students who are not selected will be advised at the end of the selection process.
·         What classes of students are eligible to apply?  All classes, including freshmen and graduate students, are encouraged to apply.  Students who have graduated and/or are not enrolled in courses are not eligible.
·         What if my GPA is low?  You may still apply for the internship.  Some mentors will make exceptions for students with lower GPAs if the coursework is applicable to the position.
·         Is an official transcript required as part of the application?  A student may send an unofficial transcript with their application.  However, if selected, an official one must be sent prior to the start of the appointment.
·         Is a resume a required part of the application?  Yes.  A resume or curriculum vitae should be included with your application materials.
·         Are references required?  In some cases, applications without references may be considered.  However, in order to be competitive, it is recommended that you include at least two references from former professors, employers, (or both/other).
·         Do I send my references separately or along with my application?  References may be sent separately or with the application by the student, or by the individual providing the reference.  Fax or e-mail is preferred.  Please impress upon your reference providers the deadline to ensure it will be included with your application materials.
·         What will I be doing?  Tasks/details of the internship are determined AFTER the selected student is paired with a mentor.  They try to pair individuals with a mentor with similar interests/backgrounds.  You will be briefed prior to your internship and will have the opportunity to accept or decline after learning the details of the appointment.
·         Where will I stay?  Most students prefer to make their own arrangements.  However, assistance finding housing is provided if needed.  All students receive $150 housing weekly allowance.
·         What will my schedule be like?  Students in spring and fall intern part time.  The mentors will work with the student to set a mutually agreeable schedule.  Start and end dates are fairly flexible, and again will be determined AFTER a student is selected and paired with a mentor.
·         I do not have the grades yet for classes I’m currently taking.  How do I list these on the application?  Grades do not have to be listed for classes in progress.  Simply indicate “In Progress”.
·         Am I required to be in school?  What if I graduate before the internship begins?  Interns are required to attend college.  Graduates are not eligible.
·         Will this lead to a job?   This program does not end in employment.  This is an educational opportunity designed to help you start your network and to learn what it’s like to work in a federal environment.  However, Many former DOC interns who now work for the DOC have credited the networks they built and the experience they gained while interning through this program in leading them to their career paths.
·         Do I have to live in the DC area to apply?  No.  You may live and attend school outside of the area and still apply.  However, for the semester you intern you would be required to either attend a DC-area school as a visiting student or take online courses that would allow you to continue classes at your University.

Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) is a university consortium leveraging the scientific strength of 99 major research institutions to advance science and education by partnering with national laboratories, government agencies, and private industry. ORAU manages the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education for the U.S. Department of Energy.

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